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Clinic Information

We are currently constructing a clinic-specific website with information and resources for patients, including checklists for appointment preparedness. The site is expected to be completed by December 2020. 

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  • Regular office hours are weekly anytime from Monday-Friday. Generally surgical days for Dr. Clark are Monday and Wednesdays, and clinic days are Tuesdays & some Fridays.


  • We are an outpatient clinic which means we are closed on the weekends and all statutory holidays.  


  • When you are booked for your inital consultation with Dr. Clark, you should receive a phone call from the referring provider disclosing your appointment date and time. 


  • You will also receive a package in the mail with paperwork to fill out and bring to your appointment as well as an x-ray to complete (if a satisfactory x-ray has not been completed within 3 months). The informatIon you provide Dr. Clark helps with information that she reviews for your consultation.


  • Please read this letter carefully and please do everything it asks in preparation for your appointment. The most common error is that patients forget to bring shorts. Dr. Clark will need to examine your lower extremities, and this requires review of the skin, alignment and musculature.


  • If everything is not completed prior to your appointment date, it may result in your appointment being longer than usual.


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