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Med Ed
Sports Med
CAS Ed 2010

Marcia is an Orthopaedic Surgeon and Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Calgary and the Site Lead for Surgery at the South Health Campus Hospital. Her academic interests are in Simulation Based Medical Education (SBME), National and Global Medical Education, and the intersection of Health and Technology.


She is the Medical Director for the Advance Technical Skill Simulation Laboratory (ATSSL) at the University of Calgary. This lab delivers simulation experiences to diverse learners in the health professions. From animal models and task trainers to theatre-based simulation, the ATSSL’s eight staff manage a dynamic learning space promoting learning through SBME.


Nationally, Marcia sits on the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) Council and Executive Council, whose vision is to be the Global Leader in Medical Education. She contributes to many Royal College committees including the RAC1 Chair and Committee on Specialties. Marcia travels extensively with the Royal College International (RCI) delivering medical education topics to international faculty. Her most recent trips include China, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.


Marcia is a Scientist with the Creative Destruction Labs – West and Rockies, in the Health stream. This opportunity offers mentoring with health technology startups in their development. She is also is a Fellow of the Alberta Health Services Design Lab.


Clinically, Marcia is an Orthopaedic surgeon with a practice focused on surgical arthritis care and sport medicine. She provides medical care to several athletic teams including Calgary Wolfpack Rugby, the University of Calgary Dino’s (Hockey & Wrestling), International Speed Skating, Formula One Motor Racing (Montreal) and the Canadian Alpine Ski Team.


For leisurely pursuits, she has goals that include: being outside in daylight, alpine skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and biking. All activities that get her off concrete.

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