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As a former high level athlete, Dr. Clark understands the importance of physical activity in life. The lessons learned as an athlete led Dr. Clark to pursue a career in Orthopaedic Surgery.

As a way of giving back to what athletics provided her, Dr. Clark provides sport medical care to athletes at sport events and in clinic.


Event coverage has included:

  • University of Calgary Dino's - Hockey and Wrestling

  • International Rugby

  • Indy Motor Car Racing

  • Formula One Car Racing

  • World Rally Championship (Abu Dhabi) 

  • City Marathons

  • Club Ski Races

  • Vancouver 2010 Alpine - Medical

  • Canadian Alpine Ski Team

Many patients are referred to Dr. Clark for surgical sport medicine care. Clinics that refer include Lifemark ClinicsU of C Acute Knee Injury Clinic, and Panther Sport Medicine.

Dr. Clark works closely with Drs Stephen French and Cory Kwong at the Bone and Joint Clinic to provide surgical sport medicine care. At this time, Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction  (ACL Surgery) is performed by Dr. French. This is due to the volume of other surgeries that Dr. Clark performs.

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